My Favorite Online Yoga Classes and Instructors

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I'm not one to talk too much about my yoga practice, because... well, there's not much to talk about, except that I love it. I mentioned it once here on the blog, a few months back, when I started taking yoga classes again. I refuse to post pictures of myself doing asanas all over the internet because I think a yoga practice should be something that's personal. I even try doing it in my room, or when my roommates aren't around (except for yesterday when I was in downward dog when my roommate came in from work! haha).

It's the only time in the day where I can focus on me, my body and on relaxing, all at the same time! So it's not really something I'm going to talk a lot about here. BUT, recently I've been doing a lot of targeted routines, with classes I've been finding online, and I thought I'd share some of the channels with you, because these are amazing people who offer free classes on the internet :-)

Ekhart Yoga 

My all time favorite is Ekhart Yoga. They are very clear in their explanations for the classes, and have short classes, including tutorials on more complex asanas. The video I use the most though, is one that's for runners, since I've been keeping at that. Since I have crappy knees and sometimes don't stretch after my runs, this helps keep my muscles loose and firm for my runs:

Tara Stiles Yoga 

This girl has hundreds of videos on her channel. A friend of mine introduced me to her videos a few years back, and I started my "YouTube Yoga" lifestyle with her (untill stopping for a while). She has a yoga class for everything, and a great series of playlists for people who want a complete "course," so to speak. Her instructions are a little fast, so if you're a complete beginner, I'd mix her videos in with the others'. One of the videos I've been working on the most with Tara Stiles is this one on strength training: 

Ali Kamenova 

Ali's videos are a little less produced than the others, which makes you relate to her a little better (except for her incredibly flat belly...) Her videos also go from beginner to advanced like the others, but the ones I like the most are the high intensity ones, like this video that's perfect for a morning sweat: 

Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah, can we be friends? I love Sarah's classes. They're usually quick and to the point, but her hatha yoga classes are also great for relaxing and unwinding. The other night, I hadn't exercised yet, but it was already late, so I found this class with her, and slept beautifully, feeling great the next day: 

Right now, I'm actually going to go do a 50 minute video with Ali!

If you have any yoga class or video recommendations, I'd love to hear. 

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