7 (SEVEN!) Year Braziliversay

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I'm currently in Rio, enjoying Carnival, hopefully dancing and drinking the day away, but I thought it was important to schedule this post because today is my Braziliversary! I've been living in Brazil, and writing here, for seven years now!

I've "celebrated" here on the blog in my more active times, with year 1, 2, and 3... Don't know what happened with 4-6, but I did stop writing here for a few years, unfortunately.

I know today's my Brazil anniversary, because I remember the night and day I left.

Here's what I remember.

  • It was f'in FREEZING 

  • A bunch of my girl friends came over for a sleepover. My flight was in the morning, so we spent most of the night up, chatting. A few other friends and family friends came by to say goodbye as well. I had a wonderful safety net, and the feeling of leaving was so bittersweet. 
  • Once I left the house, I left my mom in tears. Like, desperate tears. It was heart wrenching. 
  • I got sick at the airport. Literally, right after checking in and before going to the gate, I told my dad I had to go to the bathroom. And was in there for a while. Left him worried sick. But I was really sick. That was literally stomach wrenching. 
  • On my flight, I sat next to a chubby lady with a chubby baby. She was visiting her family in Minas with her baby and American husband. I would have liked them if the baby didn't scream so much. On the other side of me was a gaúcha who was an au pair in the US, who wouldn't stop raving about américa. Since then, I've despised the accent from Rio Grande do Sul. And au pairs (Ok, not all au pairs. Only some). 
  • My flight was delayed leaving NY, so I missed my connection to BH in São Paulo, and wasn't going to make it until the next morning. That story and the rest of the way to GV City is here.

This all seems miserable, but by the time I got to my family, everything was wonderful. I couldn't have imagine a better homecoming, and although the days before the day I arrived at my grandmother's house were stressul and emotional, it really did feel like coming home.

So how does it feel 7 years later?

Good :-)

They say there's a 7 year itch, when you're married, right? That after 7 years, you start to get an itch and not feel as happy?

I would say I'm not itching as much as I thought I would. I have not ruled out living in other countries, and would actually enjoy leaving Brazil for a couple of years over the next decade or so. But one thing is certain in my mind - I think that no matter what happens to this country - I can't see myself settling permanently anywhere else. I love it here, I love being home.

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