Women in Travel Summit - I Can't Go, But You Should!

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A couple months back, I mentioned I'd been nominated a Women in Travel Summit (aka WITS) ambassador, and I've been posting about it in my weekend links posts, but I hadn't gotten around to explaining what it was, exactly, and why I'm an ambassador, and why I can't go (and how you can take my spot with a deep discount)!

So here's the breakdown for you.

What is WITS? 

It's quite simple. A travel conference geared towards female travel bloggers, tourism professionals, and travel lovers. It's the ONLY travel blogging summit for and by women in the world! WITS is the creation of Go Girl Travel Network, an online resource and community for adventurous, independent,globally minded female travelers (like me!). The first one was last year in Chicago, and the second, this year, will be in Boston, from March 27-29th.

Why You Should Attend + What You'll Learn 

I'm a bit of all three of these personas who attend WITS, so when I heard about it, I thought it was a wonderful idea! Being in the travel and digital marketing industry, most conferences I attend, especially in the digital realm, are about 98% male, and it gets a little tiring to see all male speakers representing the type of work you do. The cool thing about this conference is, it flips the table and you learn from other women that there is a way to be a great entrepreneur, great a digital marketing, and travel on your own. 

Here, you'll also have the opportunity to network. As you all know, I hate conferences. But I also feel that in a mostly female environment, there are more opportunities to break down my anti-social barriers and connect with someone on a different level that isn't strictly work related.

Why I Can't Go + How You Can Have My Seat! 

As most of you know, I'm banned from the US as a tourist until at least 2018. That being said, I still applied to help with WITS because I think it's a wonderful event concept and networking can be done from overseas as well! Since I'm not attending, I get to give away my 50% discount! Do you want my discount? If so, all you have to do is share this post on Twitter or Facebook, and comment it with the link + why you want to go to WITS by Sunday, Jan 19th. The winner will be chosen at random using RandomPicker on Monday.

If you're too lazy to do all of this, don't really need that much of a discount, or just really want to go and wouldn't mind a few dollars off, use the code polyana15 when registering for a 10% discount!

Please also let me know if you have any more questions regarding the event.


This is NOT a paid post. I am a volunteer ambassador for the WITS Summit and truly love the idea of it all, making it more legit why this post was written + you should go! 

Update - Winner has been emailed! 

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