Private São Paulo Tours with Poly (yes, me!)

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As I mentioned, I would have a few updates this week.  And my first is, an all new system to book tours with me (or one of my trusty tour guides) in São Paulo!

The first project is making my private tours in São Paulo more readily available for my readers. I have been receiving a couple of messages from readers who are planning trips to Brazil and asking for my help, so I thought maybe you'd also be interesting in taking a tour with us in São Paulo if you happen to pop through!

I've partnered with a company owned by a former Airbnb guest and fellow travel startup owner, AnyRoad, and their new app called "AnyGuide" where I can offer my tours on my own site, using their technology.

You'll notice in the sidebar, there's a cute little new listing:

If you clieck on the Book a São Paulo Tour, you can take a look at the 3 different tours I'm offering so far. 

Please feel free to send these to your friends who are traveling to São Paulo, and if you're here as well, and would like to offer tours via our company, we can always chat about that as well!  

Happy touristing :-) 

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