Many Weekend Links to Prove 2015 Won't Suck!

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Happy end of the first week of the year :-) I caught a cold right at the beginning of the week, so it's been tough to get back into the rhythm I need for the year since I've been resting some more, but as one of the links I have posted here, I'm in no rush, as slow and steady wins the race. Best to get well now than maintain a cold for weeks!

Here are some links from the end of last year and this past week. It's been a tough first week of the year for the world with the drastic weather all over the globe and the bombing in Paris (#jesuischarlie), but hopefully we'll all be able to make the best of it while we still can, no? So for starters, a positive link, followed by many interesting others I've been saving throughout the past couple of weeks :

Why 2015 Won't Suck - Love these reasons for this year to be a good one!

Social Media is dead.

Marisa Mayer x Steve Jobs?

Comic strips on our deepest, darkest fears. See if yours made the strips.

How you really feel when your startup fails.

How to work with dev teams on SEO projects.

FUN songs for January 2015.

Amazing entrepreneur's life story. And the great dresses she makes.

The difference between the pay gap and the wage gap.

Oregon Trail is BACK.

Gorgeous - Best Sartorialist shot from 2014.

What I and many others have given up by becoming self-employed.

The online travel sector in 2015 - what the horizon looks like for us all!

If I'm going to pick a Hollywood actor to admire, it'd be Anne Hathaway. This sort of response to a bad interview question is one of the reasons why.

The most classic cool look of all time.

I need the whole weekend to go through these, but definitely worthwhile to read a few - Longform's Best of 2014. 

Why Slow and Steady can be beneficial when it comes to raising capital and entrepreneurship.

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