Happy 2015 - New Stuff on the Horizon!

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Happy New Year + Feliz Ano Novo!

How was everyone's New Year's celebrations? Mine were wonderful! I am officially about 10 shades darker than in 2014, from a wonderful week at the beach with old friends, new friends, G, and Severina.

See below, photos from NYE -

But even more exciting than my wonderful 2015 celebrations, is that I have all sorts of new goodies lined up for you and for my in this new year! I worked quite a bit during Christmas week and over the next week, will fill you in on everhything I've been working on. I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, if you read this blog enough, I give myself enough resolutions throughout the year, but this year it just so happens that I'm putting a lot of exciting things together.

The SUSPENSE is killing you, I know. It's really not all that exciting, don't worry. :-)


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