Bandido Bom é Bandido Morto?

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This week is going to be a whirlwind for me, and unfortunately I'll have to put my own posts on hold for a bit. So I've scheduled a couple of posts with links to friends' posts and articles around the web.

The first is by my friend Rachel, a.k.a Rio Gringa, who wrote a great piece on the Brazilian who was executed in Indonesia, and why maybe we should be more worried about the executions going on in Brazil, and not abroad.

In Brazil, there's a saying: "Bandido bom é bandido morto." A good criminal is a dead criminal. It's the kind of perspective that forms when under the constant threat of violent crime. Though the death penalty is banned in Brazil, killings of alleged, assumed, and accused criminals happen often. More often than not, victims of extrajudicial murders, particularly at the hands of police, are black and poor. When a white, middle class person becomes the victim, it's a different story... Continue reading @ Rio Gringa's blog

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