What Are You Reading and How do You Read?

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Do you ever find yourself reading about 8 books at once and when you finally get a chance to pick one of them up for a quick read or on a commute, you're so overwhelmed you don't know where to start? Well in case you are, and feel alone, no worries, I'm like that too!

I'm curious to know what other people are reading and how they end up organizing their reading lists. I always just want to read everything but don't make as much time for it as I should.

Right now, I've been reading (more consistently, but there are a few others) -

Midnight in Siberia 

I've been slowly reading David Greene's new book, which talks about his adventure and trip across Russia on the Trans-Siberian with his friend Sergei.

I really like it so far, because it gives all sorts of insights into what it's like to be in Russia (one of my bucket list destinations!), and cultural tidbits on Russian culture.

He was an expat in Russia, for NPR, for a few years, so it's better than "just" a travel book, because he becomes almost nostalgic in some parts of the book when he talks about places he would frequent whilst living there.

How Am I Reading This Book?: Kindle
Frequency: About 1x week, 1 chapter each time.

Not That Kind of Girl

I actually just bought this book on Friday (my ONLY Black Friday purchase) on my kindle, and have been wanting to read it for a while, because of my positive experiences reading Tina Fey's and Mindy Kaling's memoires. It makes me feel like I have a lot in common with comedy writers after reading them, haha.

I'm also a fan of Lena's TV show, Girls. I like how she doesn't try to spruce up life for young, single people, albeit in exagerated situations on the TV.

I feel like I'll probably devour this in under a week. It seems like a pretty easy and good read so far.

Book Format: Kindle
Frequency: Just started, will probably be done in a week.

O Jogador (The Gambler, in English)

I told G a while back that I wanted to start reading more literature in Portuguese, and when I saw he had this book, I asked him to borrow it. I've essentially been "reading" this book for ages now. Dotoiévski in Portuguese is much harder for me than books by the author in English. Well, any book, really. But especially when you're talking about a translation from Russian existentialist writers (I've also tried to start Notes From the Underground with overwhelming unsuccess).

This is all a long story short to say that I barely pick up this book to read because it makes me feel awfully dumb. But I will get through it (and Notes from the Underground)... eventually. Maybe after the above two.

Book Format: Paperback
Frequency: Once in a blue moon. Carry it in my purse in case of a commute where I run out of emails and instagram to check.

I've been dabbling in a few others that I'm quite frankly too embarrassed to share here :-)

What have you been reading? 

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