Weekend Links: Wise Words for Reflecting on 2014 + Resolutions for 2015

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I was intereviewed by the lovely Sarah Von over at yes&yes, about my morning routine, being in Brazil. She's doing this great series with women from around the world. You should read my interview and the others as well!

This week's posts are filled with 2014 wrap up posts, fun facts, and interesting reads to keep you going in 2015. Enjoy :-)

If you also want to read these posts throughout the week, I share most of them on Twitter after reading them, so feel free to follow me there!

- 100 Tips from a Wise Teacher [oldie but a goodie]

- Interesting, Lithuania is the country with the best public wifi - see if your country made the list!

- 10 São Paulo Finds for 2014, by Andrew (<3 bar="" biu="" do="" nbsp="" p="">
- Actionable Marketing Resolutions for 2015.

- Did you know it's okay to go out in the cold with wet hair, after all? And that eggs' cholesterol isn't bad for you? sweet. 

- I always love the Google Year in Search videos. There were the top related searches of the year - sounds about right, right? (and for my SEO nerds - the year in search for the industry and top 2014 Google doodles)

- Why it's [unfortunately] important to play games in business.

- Some more tips on working from home... I should really start to use these last couple of ones myself.

- Best thing I've read all week. Shonda Rhimes talking about women and Glass Ceilings.

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