(My) Lecture on Inbound Marketing [in Portuguese]

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Last week, I was invited to lecture at a small startup incubator here in São Paulo to talk about inbound marketing. It was done via livestream and the video was published.

I don't talk too much about the specifics of my work here on the blog, and one of the things I enjoy the most in any of my many lines of work, is the public speaking bit. I genuinely enjoy sharing information and exchanging ideas with people who are just as interested in learning as myself. 

The lecture's in Portuguese, but basically I talk about how marketing is changing, and especially online marketing, which is evolving from the traditional banner ads and paid links to more organic interaction with users. I focused on startups and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of this. If you're an entrepreneur, marketer or just curious to hear how squeaky my voice is, click play below! 

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