Confession: I Took a Nap Today, and I Don't Regret It

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Have you ever wanted to nap soooo bad when you should be working? Come back from lunch, from that heat or that cold, and all you could use was a nap. 10 minutes is all I need, you start to think.

Well, I for one, don't take as much advantage of working from home as I should, on the nap front. I oftentimes get so caught up with the screen in front of me, and try to get as far away from my bed as possible "to produce," that I end up feeling more tired than I should at the end of the day.

Today, however, I allowed myself a nap.

And it was a gloriousss nap, if I do say so myself. I decided to read for a few minutes on my hammock a little after lunch. I'd had a quick bite, so I figured I deserved at least a few minutes to read a new book. And then as my eyes started to get heavier, instead of running for the bathroom to wash my face, I turned my Kindle off, and fell asleep right there. My dog also jumped on my stomach and joined.

And you know what happened?

- I didn't lose any clients.
- I was still able to answer all of my emails.
- I didn't roam aimlessly on my Facebook or blog feed.
- I woke up feeling ALIVE an hour later and ready to get to work!

I feel like sometimes we try to challenge ourselves to get as much done as possible in our waking hours, but get lost in meaningless things when our brains get distracted.

This probably won't become a habit, of course. But I'd like to nap some more whenever I get a chance. It does a body good :-)

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