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Aaahh, two weeks since writing one of these. My bad.

But that also means I have been able to curate a fantastic list of links, which I've organized by my random blog categories :-)


- A documentary on street parties in São Paulo. in Portuguese with English subtitles.

- Architecture guide to São Paulo (picking this up ASAP).


- On How extreme wealth is bad for everyone. Really, everyone. 

- Livestreaming and the future of activism.


- Long, but beautiful story of the life of a transgender in Malawi.

- Wonderfully Terrible Tinder Pickup Lines.

- Kid asks to switch seats so he can be next to his crush <3 -="" a="" href="" more="" ps="" target="_blank">cute kids

- How to email a busy person - guaranteed response!!

- A video worth embedding - Joanne Wilson (angel investor and entrepreneur) on Dreaming Big, plus another inspiring link from her on having equity:

- For those of us who have had many career/job changes. Read THIS.


- For my friends in the northern hemisphere, how about this take on hot chocolate for the holidays?

Cheddar + Rosemary + Sweet Potato. Need I say more?


- Why we feel so weird on and after flights.

Mobile apps for travel that are #winning.

- GET EXCITED! Next week, I'm going to post about Women in Travel Summit and give you all the discount code for the summit!

Have a wonderful weekend. 
See you on Monday!


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