Best of 2014 and Internet Hiatus

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Hey Kids!

I haven't written in a while, nor will I write for another week or so.
I've taken the down time of the holiday to work on a few side projects, which I'll be happy to share with you once I'm back, but now I'm heading to the beach tomorrow for NYE and will only be back to my digital life in 2015. I've decided to take this time off to relax, reflect, and spend some QT with my honey and my friends. Hope you have the opportunity to do the same this week :-)

In the meantime, remaining true to tradition with mine and the rest of the internet's year in review, here are my top monthly moments of 2014:

January I spent a wonderful NYE on the beach with great friends. And this year will be going to the same beach town!

February was a pretty uneventful month. I might have been working a lot. Or saving money. So I'll just post this funny video of Severina riding a skateboard.
March Carnaval.

April I took the cutest vacation ever. I planned a trip for my mother, grandmother and I to Uruguay. My grandma says it was the best trip ever!

May I visited family and my mom, aunt, and 2 cousins celebrated their birthdays in one big bash

June + July The World Cup in Brazil. Everything about it was wonderful. From the growth professionally in learning more about the travel industry with this opportunity, to having been the beginning of a loving relationship, to meeting people from all over the world, and seeing old friends for game watching. I love the World Cup 2014 (despite the 7 x 1)

Late July This guy came to Brazil and I got to hang out with family
                 (My brother, in case you can't tell)

August Spent a few days in Ilha Grande with G, my brother, and my brother's lovely girlfriend!

Also spent a weekend in Belo Horizonte with G, where we went to a Cruzeiro match at the Mineirão. My first live match watching my team play! 

September I started writing here again, consistently! And I also launched my travel business' website in September which was pretty exhilirating :-)

I also got new roommates who have been absolutely wonderful to live with! September was a good month overall!

October Two beach getaways in one month <3 br="">

November I attended one of my best friend's wedding in Punta Cana, by her side, as her bridesmaid, AND saw my mom who was traveling there at the same time... on my birthday! Triple WIN!

December Christmas with my ridiculous family. <3 nbsp="" p="">

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