BarkPost in Brazil!

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Recently, I was asked to help launch a US site in Brazil. I usually do a lot of SEO and translation work for sites in English that want to get into the Brazilian market.

For this company, especially though, I was ecstatic because... Well, it's about dogs. And as you all know. I love dogs. Especially this one:

So I embarked on helping them translate, edit and create articles and the site is now born! BarkPost Brasil has all sorts of articles about dogs, from educational to simply long lists of funny things and cute dog gifs, you can find anything and everything about cães. 

Here's the link: BarkPost Brasil 

There are a few articles in there that are my original posts, which I hope you'll enjoy. And if you do, please help us share the BarkPost love for pups in Brazil :-) 

If you are also in Brazil, can write in Portuguese, and would like to contribute, please let me know!! 

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