Vacation Countdown and Weekend Links: Guest Post, Video Games, Girls + More!

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This week was spent getting lots of work done, because next week I'm traveling on Wednesday to the Dominican Republic!! One of my best friends from college is getting married in Punta Cana, AND my mother will be there the same week with some friends, AND it's going to be my birthday... so I'm pretty pumped, but that also means organizing things on this end so I can travel with ease of mind.

- I love this series on optimizing day-to-day life - this week's was incredible on how to be more productive at work!

- Girls Season 4 teaser. #cantwait!

- Pre-1996 video games online for free. I just blocked this website for fear of not containing myself.

- Love this father to daughter interview on why she's not as interested in coding as she could be (I think it goes the same way for teens in poor communities)

-  An analysis on why Dilma shouldn't have been elected.

- How to Guest Post.

- O que é a Reforma Política (in portuguese), afinal. 

- Cheap things for when pay day seems so far away.

- #SEO: Why Topics > Keywords.

- I always wonder if I should get museum passes when I travel... Here's a good guide to European museum passes.

- Oh dear. American news host doesn't know Ireland uses the euro... actually pretty funny though!

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