On How São Paulo is Underrated.

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This video doesn't need much explanation - it's what I say ALL the time: São Paulo is a wonderful city that is super underrated.  So much to explore!

Watch as this American takes you around with his funny gringo pronunciation of Portuguese words, haha.

A few things to note. 

- Best neighbourhood to live in = Bela Vista - where I live! 
- Centro is a city center that's not just a financial district.
- At first sight, Liberdade doesn't have much to see, but it's a neighbourhood with the most incredible history in regards to immigration, and of course the best Japanese and Chinese food in the city <3 nbsp="" p="">- What he says at the end about the blending of classes + races can be a bit tricky... In most social circles, you won't find much of that. But certainly opportunity for making friends from all walks of life! 

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