My Dominican Vacation - All too Quick, but Priceless!

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This is an actual picture I took myself... 

Many... well, all vacations really... are pretty priceless. But this one to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic was so much more than most!

For the following reasons:

1. I drank margaritas with my mom at 10 AM in a pool.
2. I saw my college friends who I haven't seen in so many years and it felt like we'd never been apart.
3. I saw one of my best friends getting married!
4. I added a couple more stamps to my passport (La Republica Dominicana, whaatt)
5. It was MY BIRTHDAY!
6. So many people told me my Spanish was "perfect," that I'm officially changing that intermediate to advanced on my resume.

Besides all this, I also visited a number of resorts and met some lovely people in the hospitality industry in Punta Cana, went out into the country and had freshly roasted and ground cocoa, smoked a cigar that was made in front of me, drank mamajuana in the Caribbean (literally, in the water, off a boat), and enjoyed the luxuries of a higher end resort for once!

Here's some photo evidence of the trip and mini related stories.

This was my welcoming in my room at the Bavaro Palace Deluxe.
Cigar smoking post factory visit.
Views on resort grounds <3 br="">
 My friend who rolled a cigar for me. Love the tobacco drying above him. 

My freshly ground cocoa. Incredibly delicious!
Mirna's bachelorette ON A BOAT!
Me with the soon to be bride. The photo is blurry on purpose... 
Fullfilling bridesmaid duties!
The PC family after the ceremony. So much love in this picture!
The gorgeous newlyweds 
And finally, I had an incredible stop at this Dominican family's house, where they showed me how they ground their cocoa. 

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