30 Day Results! My Jeans Fit B*@hes!

By 10:10

So after a month (and 2 days - come on, it was Saturday! Diet's off on weekends!), I'm back to write about my 'get healthy' routine, and feeling great about myself.

Of course I didn't follow my nutritionists menu to the T, I definitely had a (small) share of french fries and beer this past month. But with little to no remorse, because I've also been:

- Running!
- Back at Yoga (which I'll write about soon!)
- Drinking Detox Juice.
- Making deliciously healthy dishes.
- Destressing and becoming more productive.

In essence, I worked.

I visiting my nutritionist on the 10th, but I guess since I promised, I can share my "partial" results, even though I really only started eating a little more systematically since I started following her diet (ok, 80% of the diet).

Here are my results from October 1st compared to November 1st

October 1: 
Weight -  54,6 kg
Waist - 76 cm
Hips - 102 cm 
Right Thigh - 54 cm
Left Thigh - 55 cm
Abdomen - 87 cm
Chest - 75 cm

November 3: 
Weight - 53,2 kg
Waist - 69 cm
Hips - 98 cm
Right Thigh - 53 cm
Left Thigh - 52 cm
Abdomen - 79 cm
Chest - 73 cm

WOOT WOOT!!!! Of course this isn't over - I have a run scheduled for tonight, my lunch was brown rice, chicken cubes and veggies, and tomorrow morning there's yoga. And this keeps going on. Of course, I also couldn't do this without the help and support of my loved ones (special shoutout to my roommates and G, for putting up with all of this and not tempting me - too much at least). 

And guess what I'm wearing today?

My jeans fit!!

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