Weekend Links... on Monday

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Friday, I spent most of my day cleaning up my email. I had over 60 "starred" emails that needed some sort of checking, or response or priority and because of a busy few weeks, hadn't been tended to. So I pretty much took the day to focus on them. I also took the day to work on other pending online tasks, being I didn't have any meetings on Friday either. I then escaped to the beach with G and some friends - we stayed at a GORGEOUS house in Barra do Una, and I (and Severina, my dog, who probably had the best weekend running all over the place), really want to go back.

This is the view from the front of the house:

This is all just an excuse for not posting anything since Thursday.

This morning, I caught up on articles I'd been meaning to read over the past two weeks. So as to not lose the tradition of weekend links, here are a few link worthy articles, photos and funny things from around the interwebs. 

- Why Brazilians shouldn't be shocked about corruption in political parties.
*Side note: I will talk about Brazilian election results tomorrow.* 

- I just started reading this book, and will let you know how it goes over the next few weeks! So far it's about Russian culture, politics and great stories!! <3 p="">

- How do we feel about skirts and sneakers?

- Interesting article on being black in the sharing economy. I think in the US this goes for Latinos and Arabs as well. In Brazil, the challenges faced are certainly the case for people who live in the outskirts and poorer regions of cities. 

- War dogs! Articles on dogs who have been heroes in wars. Makes your heart melt. 

- Interesting article on how all romantic comedies are about money

- Wonder Years Reunion! Enough said. 

- What your gym clothes say about you. I would say I'm the "Norm Core Workouter," and I hate the Coordinator (no offense, but you're really unecessary!). 

- Why Branding what you do in your company name is important to get people to talk about your product/service. 

- Maybe I should start making my bed in the morning (now you know I don't make my bed). 

- In Portuguese: Why you don't have to have kids. And if you do, you don't need to follow "mom" stereotypes. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and get to check out a few of the links above! 


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