Videos to Watch This Week

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I omitted videos from my links post on Monday, because I just found so many great videos over the past few weeks on everything from entrepreneurship to cute kids!

Here are some videos I encourage you to watch this week (or you know, whenever).

Backhanded "Compliments" Celebrities Face.

Interview from Steven Johnson and Fred Wilson (from a blog I love, A VC), talking about innovation and the series and book, How We Got to Now. I really want to read the book after this!

Second graders eating a $250 meal! So funny (and kind of how I feel in some restaurants). This embed didn't work, so here's the link.

Talking While Female. I could totally relate to these - on the phone, I some times get asked how old I am, because of my child-sounding voice. In meetings, I've gotten complaints from coworkers that my voice is so annoying and disruptive because of its high pitch. I've learned to now give a f&*k, but know some women still suffer, so this is worth the watch!

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