Time Saving Tips - Especially for the At Home Worker

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I came across this post this week on saving time

I'm a guilty as all f*#k time waster, and I hate it. I really really really want to change this because I feel I could be so much more productive. But you know how everything seems like such a process when it comes to saving time? I wrote a while back on things I do to be more productive working from home, but I feel like I still get caught in a fret and having a system sometimes may not be the best thing ALL the time. 

Pomodoros, do everything in 10 minute task cycles, use post its, don't read your email all day (people who say this don't have clients like mine, clearly),  etc. et al. 

What I liked about this article was that there are 101 things to do to stop wasting time, and a lot of them are really simple! So I'm going to try to do about 5 at a time to see if I can get anywhere. Try not to be as ambitious as I usually am with my self help goals. 

Here are my first 4, each having to do with one aspect related to home office life: 

Kitchen: "Make soup. Freeze it. Use it for lunches. ‘Nuff said." 

I like this because it takes the planning away from lunches for me every day. And it's not every day I have leftovers from dinner or a lunch meeting, or time to cook something healthy and hearty! Plus, I love soup. 

Computer: "Make use of email templates – keep a copy of any common emails you send (the ‘want to have dinner Friday night?’ email, the ‘yes we’re available on X date’ email – any email you find yourself sending more than once a week, keep a copy of it in your email provider and make use of the ol’ copy paste function!

With my travel business, I feel like I send the same email, over and over again! I use Canned Responses for email templates, but haven't used it enough! 

Organizational: Check the forecast the night before so you’re prepared. That way, you won’t be scrambling around for an umbrella or surprised that it’s raining.

I suck at this. 

Productivity:  Say NO to unnecessary crazy. Of course, it’s important to help out at the kids’ preschool and volunteer for the school fete, but you can’t do everything. Say no more often than you say yes and find other ways to give back (financial, baked goods, car pooling).

This is something I really really really need to work on. I already am trying, but it's so much easier to say "Sure, I can help!" *sigh. 

Some things I already do on the list: 

Kitchen: BUY A RICE COOKER. It's my favorite kitchen appliance. 

Computer: Unsubscribe from email lists you don't read. Or use Unroll.me

Organizational: Next time you’re coming home from a weekend away, don’t unpack your toiletry bag. Instead, buy doubles of anything you need (and that’s not perishable) – tooth brush, paste, bar of soap, wash cloth, loofah, shower cap, hair brush, deodorant. I love that I can just pop my toiletries bag right in my luggage. Just don't forget to refill! 

Productivity: Don’t waste your commute. If you take public transport, write that book you’ve been dreaming about. If you drive, listen to an audio book. If you bike ride, well good on you, you’re also exercising! Hello Kindle! <3 i="">

What do you do to save time? 

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