Weekend Links - Gloomy Weather, 30 Rock, Hong Kong, Breast Cancer Awareness and More!

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The weekend is ALMOST here!! The weather here has been pretty gloomy this week, and it probably won't warm up until next weekend or so, so this weekend may consist of lounging and keeping warm, but tonight will consist of birthday festivities since one of my friends and one of G's friends are celebrating their birthdays in the same bar (lucky for us we won't have to split tonight!). Sunday is election day, and I vote near my aunt's house, so I'll probably get lunch there and visit my family for a bit! 

I also have news that aren't really important whatsoever. I've finished, after a few months of watching all episodes before going to bed, all seven seasons of 30 Rock. Not sure if I'm proud of this or not (I tend to become addicted to series. To be fair, season 7 had half the amount of episodes as the others), but I'd been wanting to watch it ever since I read Tina Fey's Bossypants, which I loved. I also loved the series + will probably write about it soon, but first - I need a new series! Any suggestions? 

Here are some fun links I found throughout the week! Sorry it's a little short this week, I've been slacking on my newsfeed:

- If it's chilly where you are too, here's what I've been listening to all week.

- I usually eat my leftover pizza cold, but I will certainly be doing this from now on to reheat it.

- This week's "Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution" - in memes.

- This couple's reasoning for overtipping is the reason I usually tip despite terrible service at times... 

- Emma Watson's speech was all over the news last week, here's something in Portuguese on the 5 takeaways on feminism she spoke about. 

- An important message for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

- Where do I get this dress!

Have a happy weekend!!  

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