Running, Finally, Until I Get Run Over.

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I know, I've been slacking. So I'm going to write a series of shorter posts over the next few days.

Today's is to vent about being a runner in the city. Since last week, I've quite literally been running from my house to G's, twice a week, which is a little over 10 km. He usually meets me a little under halfway and we run the rest together. I've walked some of the way, obviously, but it's been great to see how in just a few runs I've started running more than walking and am really excited to keep it up!

this is in São Paulo, but clearly not a picture of my legs - they are way too thin to belong to me (photo credit)

The only thing that frustrates me about these runs, and I know I won't get rid of this anytime soon, running on roads, is... F'ing CARS. 

It frustrates me so much that they can get away with running red lights and almost running me over because I clearly should have waited for them to pass by when the light's red and I'm on the cross walk, right? Hmm.

Or when I start to run across a cross walk and a motorcyle honks at the car "letting" us pass by, and so we need to stop so the honking will stop...

I know running on roads means having to deal with cars and stopping along the way. It just frustrates me so much that in a single run I have to deal with so many assholes trying to get home from work. Listen, I'm RUNNING to dinner, jerk! You can stop for 5 seconds. 

On that note, I've decided I'm going to start to carry a handfull of small rocks to throw at windshields of drivers who happen to get away with driving carelessly/almost run me over when I have the right of way. Fixing that window will certainly cost less than a life, and may make you think a little about the way you drive (and that there are spiteful runners on the road)

You have been warned. 

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