Relationship Rituals: Saying Thank You.

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It's a little past midnight, so I cheat a little with Sunday's post, but to be fair, I was offline most of the day without my phone, and just got home.

I thought about today's post throughout the weekend. I never really talk about relationship advice and whatnot here, because I don't think any relationship is alike, so advice shouldn't be necessary. However, there is one thing in my relationship with G which I love, and think makes it and us so special, and I think is something any couple could and should do, just out of pure respect for the other.

And that is... saying thank you.

It's such a simple act of kindness that goes a long way in many many situations, but in a relationship, I feel like it goes so much further. Sometimes we become so settled and comfortable in our relationships that we forget to tell our significant other how grateful we are to be in the presence and lives of one another. For me and G though, it has come naturally, and it's something I find really special, because it shows genuine gratitude towards the other.

I thank him when he opens doors for me, we'll thank each other for checks paid and simple gifts given. He'll thank me for making him tea, and I'll thank him for putting up with my dog. And then, at the end of every weekend, or evening, or day we spend together, we'll thank each other for everything and say how wonderful it was. Even if it wasn't 100% a dream weekend where everything goes incredibly, I'm grateful I got to spend it with him, and it's reciprocal in that he always thanks me as well. It's so subtle, but so sweet, and I hope to continue this little tradition (which he probably hasn't even considered is a thing yet, and now that I've maade it public, will do consciously) for the length of our relationship! I think it's easy to tell someone you love them. But to let them know you're grateful to have them in your lives isn't as easy. So I guess this is our way of saying I love you. 

Thank you for a wonderful weekend by your side, G. 

Have you told your significant other you're grateful recently? Think about it! Might make them pleasantly surprised to know you appreciate their simple presence! 

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