Nutricionist's Order: Green Detox Juice in the Morning!

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I went to the nutritionist yesterday! She's not giving me a complete diet until next week, but in the meantime, she asked me to try one of those detox/green juices every morning, about 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything else (i.e., Breakfast).

I've noticed that every time I make these sort of juices, I tend to have better bowel movement, feel lighter throughout the day and not as hungry as usual, and it's great energy-wise first thing in the AM (I think this part is more psychological, but still).

I tried the recipe she gave me this morning + added my own treat and it was actually quite delicious!! Let's see how it pans out over the week and how my results are at her office next week.

Poly's Green Juice


- 2 leaves collard greens (I put them, diced, in ice cube trays and actually just used 4 cubes)
- 100 ml coconut water (or regular mineral water if you don't have it
- small piece of ginger, peeled 
- a few mint leaves
- small piece of cucumber (about 6-8 cm long), chopped 
- a few ice cubes 
and my own addition to the recipe 
- 1 plum, pitted! (mmmm) 


Throw everything into a blender! 
Blend for a few minutes until fully juiced. 

Drink right away first thing in the morning! 

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