Main Dishes That Are Appetizing and Healthy

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I'm happy to share with you that I'm starting to see results from my little diet of sorts, and will be sharing the first results in a few weeks. I feel like every week is too much, no?

I would, however, like to share what my meals have been looking like over the past few days after a bit of nutritionist orientation. These are all according to what my nutritionist and/or Google have told me are decent meals. I'll do a separate post on snacks!

I start my days off with my "green juice." I've noticed it really does help with digestion, and that half hour wait before having breakfast makes all the difference.

Then breakfast is chock full of protein and fibers! And of course, coffee. This is a black coffee, but to get more protein in, my nutritionist recommended some skim milk, and I've been trying to adapt to that. There's no sugar in my coffee here, or anywhere. Ever. Unless of course, by mistake.

The photo is of 2 slices of multi-grain light toast, scrambled eggs and corn (just because), and cottage cheese spread below it. Total calorie count: 265 - I use no oils in my eggs. A trick is to use a splash of milk, a tiny sprinkle of salt, and add something like corn to make it taste less bland.  Cottage cheese is a GREAT and delicious substitute for requeijão or cream cheeses.

In between breakfast and lunch, I'll usually have a banana, a couple of dried apricots, and sometimes a cereal bar. 

For lunch one of these days, I had the "fattest looking" meal. I cooked exactly one cup of whole grain pasta in just a bit of salt, and after draining, added 1 teaspoon of olive oil so it wouldn't be so dry. I cooked a piece of beef, trimming off the fat, with some black pepper, curry, and oregano - in water, and covered with a lid. It was nice and soft, and still full of flavor! I then added a small piece of queijo minas, cut up in cubes to melt over the beef, and had this over a bed of arugula, there are bits of onion and green pepper hidden in there too. Total calorie count: 456. For comparison, this is about the same amount as a Grilled Chicken Cobb salad, and has 10x the amount of protein, and vitamins, and half the fat. Plus, it's more filling. 

Total Protein Count: 90 grams! It's recommended at least a 30% intake of protein for someone who is trying to lose weight, and this was just about 60% of protein in my day, in one meal, the easiest to digest, which was lunch. 

Since this was a heavy lunch, I had a couple of crackers in the afternoon with some green tea, and a tangerine. 

For dinner, I fried an egg with saltless margarine, cooked a sweet potato with no seasoning (it's just so delicious on its own!), and some squash with a bit of black pepper. Again, a bed of arugula, with a dash of olive oil this time. The sweet potatoes and squash a very filling, and super super light. The sweet potatoes are rich in calories, but not at all in fat (for this serving, about 100 calories + 0,2g of fat). Total calorie count: 255!! - I will certainly be focusing on more meals like this in the evenings - delicious, filling, and healthy. The squash has virtually no calories, and has lots of fibers, and vitamins A & C. 

Next week, I'll post a few snacks I've been "inventing" for these in between meals, to keep them light and easy, but varied, so I'm not eating the same thing every day either. But until my next food post, the most important thing while snacking, is to eat lots of fruits between meals and keep yourself hydrated! 

Hope you're not too hungry (or turned off) after this post! 

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