Loving Dogs, Planning Outings, Cute Kids Dancing + More Link Fun!

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How was your week?! Mine was busy busy as I was finishing up two SEO projects. But tonight we're celebrating my friend Ana's birthday going to watch our friends' band play, which should be fun!

Want to have a listen? They play wonderful Brazilian music, good little playlist for your reading right now:

- Fellow Tarantino Lovers, watch this. He explains everyyything!

- My friends call my mom "The Oracle," because she gives fantastic advice. I thought this column on asking mom for advice was cute, and might see if she'd be into doing something similar!

- The World's Biggest food market - is in France!

- Why the US should worry about the global education problem - #fact.

- #LOL - Why plans shouldn't be made via text message!

- This hotel needs a some digital marketing advice.

- <3 a="" href="http://www.manrepeller.com/minor_cogitations/mindy-project-fox" target="_blank">Mindy Project 

- A friend of mine and I always talk about our dogs as if they were our own kids and empathize when one's pup isn't doing too well  or did something different. We also tend to hold our tongues when comparing our dogs to our friends' kids, because they get super offended with this. Well, now science is proving our friends wrong and that we have reason to think so! And on that note, here's a picture of my baby :

You'll probably wonder why I'm not linking the Economist article that talks about Brazilian elections here today in my link list. It's because I think it's shit and there is a lot of misinformation in there. Ok, got that off my chest...

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