Lazy Saturday

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Have you ever had a wonderful day of doing absolutely nothing?

Today, I slept in, made breakfast/lunch for myself and G at around 12:30, and my friend Elaine moved in! 

We have a third bedroom I usually keep as a guest room, but decided to rent it for financial reasons. 

A friend of ours was supposed to help with the move, but he ended up bringing two other friends and we proceeded to spending the rest of the day hanging out in the apartment, listening to music, discussing everything from tomorrow's elections to upcoming beach trips, and cooked together. 

And we played wjth Sevs, who's now super exhausted and passed out next to me. 

About 8 hours of this! And now, I'm going to sleep early so I can wake up at a reasonable hour! 

Hope your Saturday was great, no matter how it was spent.


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