Camburizinho - Weekend Escape to the Beach (in Photos)

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I miss these travel photo essays of mine! I just realized I've been on quite a few trips and haven't posted photos. This weekend, despite the traffic back to São Paulo, we had a wonderful time and took some fantastic photos I'd love to share!

And don't forget, now that I'm a travel consultant, I can help you plan your trip to the same places I visit ;-) On that note, here are some tips on traveling to Cambury and Camburizinho (also spelt Cambutri and Camburyzinho). The beaches themselves are only a few kilometers long, put together, and the small village a block behind the beach is super charming and has an assortment of bars, restaurants, and boutiques, as well as countless beach homes and hotels/B&Bs. It's calm, family oriented, and the beach itself is stunning, with delicious waves for swimming, playing, and stand up paddle or kayaking.

Pousada/B&B we stayed at: Pousada das Praias - includes parking and breakfast, and has a pool, ofurô, dry sauna, and drinks on demand at a little bar. We were trying to save, so it's a simple spot, but the beach itself has beautiful luxury villas we can also recommend for your stay. Our only big complaint was, we'd asked for a double room, and it looked like they'd just put two twin beds together.

My favorite meal: Camarão na Moranga, shrimp delightfulness (see photo below) in a hollowed pumpkin at a charming little restaurant in Cambury, called Nica's. The service was very friendly and the dishes say they're for one person, but we shared ours, and were stuffed by the end of the meal.

Beach Food + Drink: On the São Paulo shore, you don't usually have to pay for an umbrella and chairs, like you usually would in Rio. There are almost always going to be little carts at the entrance to the beach which serve all sorts of drinks, coconut water, and snacks, and they'll lend you chairs and umbrellas if you buy stuff from them. We loved having found a spot on the beach near Barraca do Jonas (or Lu's barraca, since it seems she's the real one in charge). They make excellent caipirinhas and were super friendly. It's also perfectly located on the edge of Camburizinho, which isn't too packed compared to the rest of the beach.

When to Visit: Spring is a good time of year (October + November) because prices are lower being int he off season and the weather is just right!

Now for our photo essay :-)

On the way to the beach, we stopped for some pastel at a famous little stand in the middle of the main route to the beaches on the north shore. It was f*in huge, and delicious!

We also discovered I've had quite a few shops named after me

We got in to a cloudy afternoon in Camburizinho, a small beach about 2.5 hours away from São Paulo, and before checking in to the hotel, since our room wasn't ready, sit on the beach for a couple hours and had a couple of caipirinhas (and coconut water, I promise!).

And then after checkin, lounged by the pool and took pictures of our not so manicured feet. 

Dinner was this spectacular shrimp stew in a hollowed pumpkin, with sauted potatoes for me + rice for Gustavo. 

We took advantage of the night sky clearing up and lay out on the beach watching stars at night, and taking endless selfies and silly pictures of ourselves. 

And woke up to this GORGEOUS day on Sunday!

And so we decided to hang out by the beach all day, and took a little trail to get up to that rock you can see in the picture above. The below photo is G's specialty shot - rocks and water.

It was absolutely stunning!

So we lay out there too. And proceeded to taking more pictures of our feet and selfies.

Unfortunately the latter half of our day ended up looking like this 

For about 6 hours... But that's ok, because we did what we set out to do: escape the city, relax, forget work, and get some color on our wintery faces! 

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