Beach Weekend, Beauty secrets, Breakfast + Book Deals!

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I hope you enjoyed my use of alliteration in this title :-)

This weekend, we're heading to the beach! I haven't left the city since mid-August and this is a big deal for me, I need to recharge (see yesterday's post on being busy), and enjoy this wonderful spring weather we've finally come upon.

Here's the playlist for reading these posts and over the weekend: Descendo a Serra. Here in São Paulo, we say we "descend the mountain" to get to the beach (I used to say "Subir pra praia" which means to go up to the beach since it's up north, but I learned recently it's the other way around), so this is a playlist to get you all pumped for the beach or party or wherever life may take you this weekend.

And if you want to start now, a song I personally love to listen to on a beach day to get me to relax and enjoy the perfect weather, finding a place together:

And here are some fun links I found this week 

- Thoughts on small talk.

- The customer is not always right! Great restaurant owner response on Yelp.

- I'm one of those people who HAS to have breakfast in order to function. Therefore, I love breakfast, and like to mix things up every once in a while! So I was happy to find these healthy breakfast recipes + already trying some.

- Also on the breakfast note, what kids have for breakfast around the world. It makes me want to go to Turkey and just eat breakfast all day.

- Kisses! Photo essay of 21 kisses from all around the world.

- The difference in the media between Aziz Ansari and Lena Dunham's (#multimilliondollar) book deals (I actually just bought her book on my Kindle and hope to start reading it soon!). Interesting comparison on how the media sees the two!

Catcalling Diaries around the world - definitely not a just in Brazil thing!

- Finally - fresh, makeupless faces  and thick eyebrows are in style. #WINNING

- Hysterical and sadly, disheartening analysis of maid culture in Brazil.

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