Beach, Stars, and Traffic

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I'm writing this post as G and I are stuck in traffic on our way home from the beach. What was supposed to have taken us 2 and a half hours has taken 4 and a half so far, and we're probably about half way home. So as you can tell, this probably wasn't the ideal end to a beach weekend. 

Fortunately, the rest of the weekend was lovely! We hit a bit of traffic on the way in, but stopped along the way for lunch. 

This was lunch by the way: 

So yes, diet broken, but ultimately worth it. 

We got to the pousada we booked which was super cute and rustic-y, and despite a few clouds, headed to the beach for a couple of hours. We then relaxed for a bit had a shrimp filled dinner and after...

Went back to the beach to look at the stars! I can't remember the last time I did this, but it was so great to just listen to the waves and point out stars and wonder which constellations we were seeing (our Google Sky app told us we saw Uranus and Neptune! Really Google Sky? hahaha). 

Today was perfect for the beach, and I may have gotten a little sun burnt dor being out too long. But it was worth it to sit in the sun sipping coconut water and having yet another shrimp clad meal. 

And now we're back to the traffic. We're probably moved about 1km since I started writing this, but oh well... I don't blame everyone else who decided to come to the beach this weekend, I'm sure it was totally worth it for them too! 

Hope you're not stuck in traffic wherever you are!


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