30 Day Challenge - Fit Into My Jeans!

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Following up on Monday's post, I started thinking about actually taking this thing seriously and hoping I can keep up healthy habits.

For exercise, I'm going to stick to my minimum 3 km a day - whether it's walking or running. And beyond that, I'm signing up for dance classes with a friend, 2x a week. This week, we took a "Ballet Fit" and are taking a Zumba class tomorrow, to see which we'll choose. As for my diet, I'm revisiting my nutritionist next Tuesday for her to give me a realistic menu for the following weeks.

I've taken my own measurements, but will update if this changes at the nutritionist. I will also be setting realistic goals with her on this for 1 month.

I feel like writing this down and telling people about it will make me actually do this. Don't you feel that? When others are watching, you're more careful as to committing to what you promised to do?

I took out a physical evaluation I did in june 2013 at the gym I was attending at the time, with certain measurements, and I definitely put on quite a bit of weight and cm since then!

Height: 1,57m

Weight in jun/2013: 50,90 kg
Current Weight: 54,6 kg
Ideal Weight: 49,5 kg

Measurements in june/2013:

Waist - 62,80 cm (i sometimes wonder if this was actually true)
Hips - 89 cm
Right Thigh - 51,50 cm
Left Thigh - 51,70 cm
Abdomen - 77 cm
Chest - 73 cm

How I looked then:


This one I sent to my girl friends for their approval of the dress when I bought it
(Lighting in dressing room or itty bitty waist?)

Current Measurements:

Waist - 76 cm
Hips - 102 cm (take that Nicki Minaj)
Right Thigh - 54 cm
Left Thigh - 55 cm
Abdomen - 87 cm
Chest - 75 cm

How I look now in the same outfits:

The black pants don't fit anymore...

And the dress

Note: I'm not going to post a classic bikini before picture, because I think it's just unecessary for you to have to look at my stomach and thighs, so let's just rely on the regular photos, because this is what I look like to myself and most everyone else day to day, so this is what really matters, right? 

As you can see, I've taken the biggest blow to my abdomen and hip area. I blame beer, french fries, and frequent trips that kept me off regime, for the most part, so I'll do my best to cut down on those (even though I love them all so much... oh french fries, how I'll miss you so). This is the most weight and measurements I've put on in this short amount of time... ever.

My hip to waist ratio is 0,74, which is moderate for my age, and doesn't make me suceptible to diabetes, but ideally, it should be below 0,71.

For the record, I know I'm thin. I know I shouldn't be obsessing with my weight or measurements or what not. I'm doing this because I simply don't feel healthy, and am at a point in my life where I think it should become a habit before things start to get complicated (I have loads of medical conditions that run in my family, most due to bad eating or exercise habits). So please bear with me and no need to call me a skinny bitch, because that's just mean.

On November 1st I'll update you all on my 30 day results.

Wish me luck!

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