Weekend Music, Cute Outfits + Links Galore!

By 11:38

Happy Friday!

This week has been interesting and busy for me because of a travel trade show that's in town, and it's been thrilling to meet so many people in the industry. However, I did have some down time to read some interesting things online.

Earlier this week, Emma Watson's speech at the UN made headlines, for positive and negative reasons, and I hope to discuss this and a bit about feminism next week, but in the meantime, I highly recommend watching it. I related so much to her words, and think many of you will as well:

Also a few fun things I found for us to read: 

- Google rolls out yet another update this year. I'm starting to see a trend in this time of year + Google algorithm updates. 

- Do you talk to strangers on the street? I get approached by strangers all the time, mostly on public transport. 

- I love wearing skirts and shorts with sweaters and long sleeve dresses (I'm wearing one today!), what do you think

- Who are the top international relations specialists? 

This weekend, we're going to a show on Sunday to watch Seun Kuti + Egypt 80, have you heard of them? Maybe you've heard of Seun's father, Fela Kuti, the Nigerian artist? Anyway, they sound awesome, and I hope I get to do lots of dancing at this show!! 

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