Travel Tips - Especially for Foodies

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I'm not as much of a jetsetter as most people think I am. I actually quite enjoy being in one place, but I do like to get away and leave the city at least once a month, even if for a day or two. 

And I have had my share of international travel as well. And what I like the most about traveling is, quite honestly, the food. Going to a restaurant that serves food from a different country is not at all and never will be the same thing as eating in the actual destination the dish is originally from. I don't care how "authentic" it's meant to be. It's just not the same. Some of my favorite travel experiences have been food related. I usually associate my favorite memories with interacting with locals or finding something you wouldn't find in a guidebook. I guess my top 5, in no particular order, would be: 

- Learning to properly eat a crab and lambreta, at a tiny restaurant that literally only serves locals in Salvador da Bahia, with my friend's family from there. 

- Attending a Lebanese wedding in a small village in West Bekaa. The overflowing amount of food and drinks was INcredible. 

- Having dinner at a restaurant in Tel Aviv where the waiters were deaf. Learning to communicate with them was a blast, and I love the all you can eat family style meals in Israel. 

- Parisian crepes from a tiny stall in the park. The photo below speaks for itself. Thanks Ana :-)  

- Sipping rosé wine in Giens, in the Côte d'Azur, on a table outside, lit with candles and speaking 3 different languages at once (I don't have a picture of this, so I'll just post a picture of the beach <3>

- And visiting, at least once a year, the small town in rural Minas Gerais, where my father was raised, to have lunch at one of my grandmother's closest friends home, where she cooks our meal over a wood burning stove, even though she has a gas stove in her indoor kitchen. This always followed by fresh coffee and some sweet she made herself. The photo is of my brother and his girlfriend warming up near the stove (ps - Happy Birthday Brooke!)

I've had many more, but I figured I'd spare you and leave it to just 5... All of this being said, and making you all (and myself) hungry, I was reading this great article on Anthony Bourdain's travel tips (which of course, involve food), and which I will certainly try on my next trips! 

The biggest rip-offs in the world of travel are tourist-trap restaurants in places like Rome or Venice, places where there's so much great food but the overwhelming likelihood is that you're going to get a bad meal... 
I always tell people this - get awaaaayyy from the touristy spots to get good food! 

There's almost never a good reason to eat on a plane. You'll never feel better after airplane food than before it. I don't understand people who will accept every single meal on a long flight. I'm convinced it's about breaking up the boredom... 

I've never tried this. I'm usually one of those people who's like "wake me up when the food comes!" 
But it makes absolute sense. I never feel that much better after getting off a plane full! 

When I'm in a city that's new to me, I try to go to the central market very early in my trip... You get to see what people buy and really eat. There are usually food stands and trucks geared exclusively to locals. You get an idea of what a city or country is good at, because they're catering to local tastes. 
This is certainly true, and in Brazil can be found at farmer's markets around the city you're visiting, as well as central markets. 
The other great way to figure out where to eat in a new city is to provoke nerd fury online. Go to a number of foodie websites with discussion boards. Let's say you're going to Kuala Lumpur — just post on the Malaysia board that you recently returned and had the best rendang in the universe, and give the name of a place, and all these annoying foodies will bombard you with angry replies about how the place is bullshit, and give you a better place to go.
I am SO doing this for my next trip! 
What are your favorite things to look out for when eating outside your own city?! 

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