Simple Spanish Tortilla

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Apologies for the late post, but today was spent away from the computer for the most part.

Yesterday, after an hour of Zumba, I felt I deserved a nice meal. So I looked in my fridge and realized I had potatoes and eggs and I got an extreme craving for Spanish tortilla. I immediately sent my friend Juani, who is from Andalucia, and spent some time with us in São Paulo last year, and would make incredible tortilla for us, and asked her for her recipe.

As soon as I was finished interpreting her texts in Spanish, it seemed easy enough, I quickly got to work, because I was famished! I also took photos of the process, imagining I might write about it if it turned out okay.

Guess what? It was delicious!!

Simple Spanish Tortilla for 1 

(or 2 if you have a side to go with it!)

- 300 grams potatoes, peeled, halved and thinly sliced (I used a little less, it seemed like a lot!)
- 1/2 large onion (or I used 1 whole small onion)
- 3 large eggs, beaten
- olive oil, lots of it!
- salt and black pepper to taste

- fresh parsley
- jamón or other fun meats
- finely grated parmesan cheese

How To: 

1. Chop up your potatoes and onions - I made mine super thin to make it easier to cook. Pat the potatoes dry, you're going to be frying them!

2. Place about 100 ml of olive oil in small to medium frying pan and put over medium heat. Many recipes will tell you to put the onions in first. Apparently it doesn't matter, as long as both are nice and soft. After about 2 minutes of the oil heating, place both onions and potatoes in the frying pan.

Mix every few minutes so the potatoes don't stick to each other. I added more oil so they'd fry wel. Fry until corners are brown and both are soft. This should take about 10-15 minutes.

3. While the onions and potatoes are frying, beat the eggs until it gets to a nice and uniform texture. I added some salt, black pepper, and fresh parsley to give it some color and mixed it all together. Some people will want to add parmesan cheese, jamon, or some other dried meat here as well. I kept mine simple!

 4. Once the potatoes and onions are finished, drain well and set the used oil aside. Mix the onion and potato into the bowl with the egg mixture. Mix well! 

5. Take the left over olive oil, put just a little back into the frying pan and move the pan around so that the oil is covering the entire bottom of the pan. Heat this for about a minute and then put in your mixture. Use a spoon to pat the mixture around and down to make it circular and uniform.

6. When you see the edges are coming off, take a plate to the top of the pan and flip the pan over. Mine got a little stuck, but just tap on the pan and it'll come off sooner or later! :-)


7. Slip the tortilla back into the pan, and turn it over about 2 more times, until both sides are deliciously crispy and starting to brown.


8. Serve individually on plate, or cut in to small pieces as tapas. I decorated mine with grated cheese and capers. I devoured it slowly with a nice glass of Malbec and it was divine, just the way Juani's were!


Would you add/take anything out of this recipe? I thought it was perfect. Ah! If you're serving a bigger group, 3-4 people, for example, just double the ingredients.

This took me about a 1/2 an hour total, to make. Super easy, 1 pan, inexpensive and impressive recipe. I'll definitely be making more from now on.

Let me know if you make one too!

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