On Scottish Independence - Yes or No?

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Completely unrelated to most of my posts, but I've become quite intrigued with all of the news on the Scottish Independence and the vote that'll happen tomorrow! The world may have a new independent country, tomorrow!

I just watched this John Oliver video on the topic from a few days ago, and like all of his rambling explanations on worldly things (catered towards Americans), I thought it was wonderfully witty and funny, and thought I'd share here for those who haven't seen much on what's going on with the plebiscite in Scotland.

The plebiscite is quite divided 50/50, which is pretty interesting. I feel like Scotland and England are very different culturally, but economically, it may be a bad move for both as well. If you were Scottish (if you are!), what would you vote?

I think I'd vote yes, to keep things interesting :-) 

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