How Meryl Streep, 9/11 and Love Made me Want to Blog Again

By 13:12

So as you've seen in my blog history, I haven't written since March.

Regarding my lenten post, I did not run every day. It was terrible for my knees. But I ran at least 3x a week and exercised every day I didn't run, even if it was 5 minutes of ab exercises. I was in great shape and since then have lost it all and probably gained about 2 kilos (5 lbs, for my American friends out there).

This is a segway into why I've decided to commit to writing again.

Meryl Streep. 

Last night, I watched Julie & Julia, the cute movie about the Amerian cook Julia Childs, and a woman who experimented and blogged about all 524 recipes in her cookbook, and who also wrote a book telling her story, Julie Powell. I clicked on it to watch on Netflix while drinking a glass of wine, to unwind after a long day, mostly because I'm a fan of Meryl Streep's, who plays Julia Childs in the movie.

Since the movie was about:

1. food
2. blogging

I found it super interesting, but then got quite sad and a teensy bit distraught because:

1. i love to cook, but could never spend 3 hours roasting a beef soup in my kitchen. i'd be a horrible chef.
2. as much as i love writing and blogging, i haven't done it for myself* in ages, consistently.
oh, and
3. i think my wine made me a bit emotional/sleepy.

But there was one part of the movie that really struck me. It's when Julie admits to herself that she hasn't finished anything she ever started. And then she starts her blog challenge and finishes it despite the stress that ensues along the way! And it got me thinking that recently I've been really bad at finishing what I started (see lenten promise above and in previous post), and this really got to me, making me want to get back to writing.

This is how Meryl Streep indirectly influenced me to get back to writing here.


Love also indirectly got me to do this.

In my last post, I was single. Since then, I've committed to something I certainly hope doesn't finish anytime soon, and that's a relationship with a wonderful man! I won't talk too much about him here, because he's shy, but he'll show up every once in a while, and we'll call him... G.

he doesn't even mind that i wear old lady floppy hats <3 td="">

But for the past few months, G's been telling me that he loves my writing, whether it's on my company's blog, my drawn out emails, presentations of mine he's seen... but especially. here. He's endearingly and somewhat creepily read most of the posts in my blog, and tells me time and again that I need to start writing again, and write books and encourages me to pursue my full potential.

I must say, it feels wonderful and incredibly motivating to have someone who supports me and my crazy ideas as much as he does (just like the husbands in Julie and Julia!), and so for his utmost support, and so he doesn't keep going further into my blog's archives back to when I was a frantic woman in my early 20's, I've been convinced to keep writing here.


And finally, today being 9/11 inspired me to sit down once and for all, and write this post.

This blog originally started to talk about my experience being back in Brazil after having been raised in the US, and about US immigration law and policy, which I'd been active in learning about and supporting changes to, despite having left the country.

With 9/11 here, along with the slew of "Never Forget," and "God Bless America" posts on Facebook and Instagram, I've been seeing quite a few anti-immigrant posts. Which made me realize the world (and by world, I mean my small blogging community), still needs my rantings on US immigration, because the ignorance on the significance on immigrants in the US and all parts of the world is still raging.

And so, my newest challenge, which I hope to complete, is to write here daily, no scheduled posts. I hope to get up every morning and sit down and write, as I have my breakfast and listen to the news (because I'm a multitasker like that), about whatever may come to mind or influenced me in the 24 hours prior. No themes, just me writing.

I hope to do this at least until February 15th, which will by my 7th anniversary in Brazil, and three days before Carnaval, so please bear with me.

See you all tomorrow :-)


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