Happy World Tourism Day!

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What did I do on World Tourism Day? 

Relax from anything tourism related! It's been a long week with the ABAV conference, and talking tourism all day since Monday, essentially, and so today I spent hanging out with G. and his family. 

But one thing I really liked about the theme for this year's WTD, is that of Tourism + Community Development. I spoke with a former college professor of mine yesterday about possibly bringing some students from my college over for a summer experience in a rural community in Brazil next year. 

Hopefully this sort of initiative will be beneficial, and I'll be able to develop something to truly help, and not be seen as the same run of the mill volunteer trip where the travelers can make an impactful difference, and hopefully my company can bring a flow of tourists to these communities, which.. for the most part, are beautiful, filled with tradition and wonderful people! 

What do you think these sort of cultural development tourism projects should include? Have you been on one you thought was impactful? Or helped develop one of these programs?   

In the meantime. Happy Tourism Day + keep the travel up :-)

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