Happy Weekend! Free concerts, Birthdays, Good Friends... and Work.

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A long long time ago, I promised to give you guys a great little round up of links on Friday, for those lazy Sundays (ok, Fridays). I'll update you on my weekend plans, let you know if I read anything interesting this week, and if I found something online I really want to buy and obsessed over, but probably shouldn't.


Tonight I'm seeing a friend of mine who I haven't seen in ages for dinner! It's Restaurant Week, so we might try some place new. Sunday, I'm also going to an Ana Tijoux concert with G. and some friends. Have you heard any of her stuff? She's a fantastic Chilean hip hop artist. And the best part of it all is, the show's free! Part of an independent culture festival in São Paulo this month. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, and here are a few posts from around the internê... 

- Quiz of the Week - Which country best fits your personality? Guess what I got?! 

- Did you see why names are always spelt wrong on cups at Starbucks?!

- This travel bag, and this mug that promises not to spill over have been added to my wishlist!

- OBSESSED with the Apple Scarf Guy meme.

- The coolest neighborhood in Brazil is in São Paulo!

- Brand #Fails on 9/11

- Love this complete guide to an integrated online marketing strategy

Hope you all have a great Friday!

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