Happy Weekend! Entrepreneurship, Brazil's Obama, Bienvenido Habibi + More!

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Hey everyone!

The weather here is getting coldish again, and so what was supposed to be a beach weekend is now up in the air. What are you all up to this weekend?

Keep an eye out for a recipe post over the weekend for us. This time, something really Brazilian. Can you guess what it would be? :-) 

If not much, here's a slew of links for you to read! This week, I came across tons of fun and interesting link to share with you. Some are more serious than others, so I tried to keep things balanced.

First, some music to accompany your reading.

- 16k+ Recipes on a beautiful website = <3 nbsp="" p="">
- Love this manifesto for female entrepreneurs! I'll be taking this course in October.

- So touching to know South Americans have been the most open to Syrian refugees as of late.

- If there's anything I love more than oogling cute kids, it's watching cute dancing kids!

- This is definitely the best way to entertain yourself and keep things light after a bad breakup

- For geography buffs, what your favorite Map Projection says about you!

- What gringo political analysts think of "Brazil's Obama"

- Great article on women in online marketing!

- Search engine uses web and social data to predict "No" outcome in Scottish elections... awesome. 

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