Election Week!

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Sunday is election day in Brazil. So since this blog is very Brazil-focused, I'll try to explain a little how that all works, since I haven't done much of that here.

We'll be voting for president, senate, congress, and governors. Quite a lot for just one election, but I'll focus on the presidential race for now. In Brazil, elections are compulsory.

Let's define compulsory, shall we?

Compulsory, means required by law or rule.

So technically, in Brazil, we're required to vote. But that doesn't mean we'll be arrested or have our citizenship taken away from us if we don't. We just have to go through a certain number of barriers if we fail to vote, or give a legitimate reason for not voting. This legitimate reason usually involves going to voting stations outside where you are registered and say you couldn't make it because it was too far.

This year, although I'm not fully decided, I think I will vote.

I probably should stop using popular culture for my serious posts, but I've been watching 30 Rock recently, since I hadn't watched it when it was actually on, and I'm on the last season, which was on during the 2012 elections in the US. Tracy Morgan's character says on the elections episode, something that, although written to be hilarious and absurd, makes absolute sense. I don't remember the exact quote, but when Kenneth is trying to make an informed decision, Tracy emphasizes that there never was an informed decision in the country's history and we still go along with it... Starting with Columbus thinking the US was India and how we still call natives Indians.

In Brazil, I feel it's the same, if not worse, in that people aren't making informed decisions.

But really what a politician does after being elected, is on him or her. We can't predict who's going to be essentially good or who's going to make bad decisions for us over the next four years.

Despite all this banter though, over the next few days, I'll be discussing Brazilian politics, who the candidates are and what their pros + cons are. So we can all be a bit informed, at least.

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