Brazil Vibes - My Newest Venture - Boutique Brazil Travel Agency

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If you've read this blog in the past, you'll realize I have quite a schizophrenic career history. From interning at a think tank to teaching English, to digital marketing, and opening an online business... in just about 7 years (oy, looks really bizarre written out!).

Well, I'm still consulting and working in digital marketing, but I've also been working on a new venture since the beginning of this year, and thought I'd share a little bit about it! Please excuse that I'm promoting my work on this blog, but I think it will help and make more sense when I start talking about business travel and visiting fun destinations around the country to help build this business.

Brazil Vibes is a tailor made travel agency for people who plan on travel to or within Brazil! My partner in this venture is an Australian friend who lives in Barcelona, so we've got quite a few continents covered and have been able to spread the word to our contacts, enabling us to have started pretty well with the World Cup this year. We plan on developing further, but keeping it small and simple, to put services beyond selling tons and tons of packages.

If you want to support us, or have any ideas, know of anyone who'd be able to help us or partner with us, but especially if you want to travel to Brazil, please let me know!

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