Best and Easiest Brazilian Farofa Recipe. Ever.

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Why am I saying this is the best farofa recipe ever? Because it's my mom's. And there are certain dishes where I can say with certain authority, that I can trust hers to be the best ever. Having lived far from home since college, I've always called her for recipes. Even after all of these recipe sites popped up, when I'm looking for something that I know she excels at, I refuse to go to a random site, because I know her advice will be better.

That being said, my mom's not the best at explaining measurements. Which has helped me become really good at improvising with my own recipes, and so what I'm going to give you today is exactly what my mom told me, plus some of my seasoning add-ons, so I encourage you to improvise as you wish! :-)

If you don't know what farofa is, it's a manioc flour that's toasted to perfection with a number of ingredients. Different regions of Brazil use different ingredients, so mine is going to be something closer to what you'd find in Minas Gerais... mostly because there's bacon involved!

The Best Brazilian Farofa Recipe. Ever. 

Serves appx 4. 

- +/- 200 grams manioc flour 
- 3 eggs 
- 50 grams bacon, cut into small cubes 
- 1 carrot, diced 
- 1 small onion, diced 
- handful of fresh parsley and scallions, chopped 
- salt and pepper to taste 
- pinch of ginger powder 
- pinch of pepper flakes

How To 

Heat frying pan over medium heat and add bacon. Let fry for a few minutes until brown. After it's nice and brown, and you've produced a good amount of oil, drain the bacon and place on a dish.

Lower the heat and crack eggs over the pan to cook in the bacon grease. Remember to lower the heat. I didn't do this and the eggs kind of splashed everywhere. Stir until cooked. 

This should be good enough! No need for size perfection.
My handsome sous chef!
Add onion, parsley, scallion and carrot mix to the egg, and stir until the onions look like they're starting to get soft. 


Add the salt, pepper, pepper flakes, ginger and seasoning of your choice to the mix. My mom uses "Mrs. Dash," for you folks in the U.S.! :-)


Add the manioc flour (farinha de mandioca), slowly and mix in for a few minutes, until browned a little. You'll be left with a delicious farofa to put over rice, meats, and just to eat on its own, warm or cooled off!

We literally ate until we couldn't handle it anymore. This farofa was served with white rice and an artesanal sausage with herbs. What would you serve it with? 

Hope you enjoy! See you in the morning :-) 

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