100 Days, Shana Tová, Happy Spring, and Be Car Free!

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Today's a pretty interesting day for a few reasons.


First, it's the first day of Spring in the southern hemisphere (some will argue it's tomorrow, but I prefer anticipating this and using the equinox which can start today in some parts of the world). It's my favorite The weather's been so strange the past few weeks, and I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can break out my fun dresses, plan beach weekends, and work from my balcony. It's my favorite season!

100 days!

Did you know there are only 100 days left in the year? What are you doing to make the best of it? I'm blogging (há!), trying to get up earlier everyday, and finally putting a few projects I'd had in mind, on paper. 

Shana Tová!

I'm not Jewish, but I grew up with many Jewish friends and respect the culture. Today begins Rosh Há Shaná, which is the new year celebration in the Jewish culture. I remember in college, a friend of mine who is Jewish, celebrated Rosh Ha Shana with us, by teaching us the customs, prayers and eating the different foods that are customary today, and thinking this sort of ritual and continuation of it was very beautiful. So to all my Jewish friends, Shana Tová! 

Car Free Day! 

September 22nd is World Car Free day. This is to encourage people to leave their cars at home, and take alternative forms of transportation to work. I have rarely ever taken a car to work, except when I worked somewhere that was far from home and not accessible by public transportation, so this is no problem for me (especially today, considering I work from home! haha). But I know a lot of people who would never leave their cars at home. Have you considered challenging yourself this week to leave your car at home? Why wouldn't you? This is especially an issue in São Paulo, where any form of transportation in a commute can be treacherous!

Yayee! So many things to celebrate and contemplate. 

This week, there will be a number of travel conferences around the world for World Tourism Day on the 27th, and I'll be participating in one in São Paulo, the ABAV trade show. So look forward to more travel related posts throughout the week :-) 


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