Vergonha Alheia: Why Ignorant Brazilians Make me Angry

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A recurring theme I've been noticing amongst many who travel from Brazil abroad - namely to the US - is they return talking all kinds of shit (excuse me ahead of time - this post will be filled with inappropriate language) about Brazil. 

Take this asshole's video for example. He has 250 thousand views and thousands of controversial comments. He's driving along a highway in the US (most likely Orlando-ish) and is venting about why he doesn't want to return to Brazil. He starts by saying Brazil is the country where people fight for "meaningless" things like gay rights, women's rights, and prices being raised on public transport - but that we don't worry about the "basic" things. And then he goes on to talking about how cars and video games are so expensive in Brazil.


Basic needs, né? 

People will also say things like how they feel so much safer in the US. And how people are much more polite. And people are more equal

What bothers me is not these references or comparisons. They're all true! Overall, yes things are cheaper in the US. Yesif you compare New York to São Paulo, there is less crime in the former. And yessocioeconomic gaps are much lower in the US than they are in Brazil.

What annoys me is - 

1. The generalizations. If you were to tell me you did a road trip across the US (I'm thinking real rural Alabama), and spent time with Americans (your Brazilian friends with American citizenship don't count), watched the local news while you were there, and didn't spend all your time at amusement parks and outlet stores, then I'd probably respect your opinions... in part

2. The hypocrisy. These are the same people who are underpaying their domestic help and for their general services, complaining about how expensive they are, but travel to Disney World every year. And they're happily paying for absurdly expensive schools for their children because they don't believe in the public school system - but at the same time don't demand a better public school system either (coisa de pobre)! They're the same people who would rather talk down on those of us who see light at the end of the tunnel for Brazil because they expect our 28 year old democracy to be up to par with the US's 224 year old one, and don't write letters to senators and congressmen and don't protest unfair legislation! They're the same people who turn a blind eye to the homeless, don't volunteer, don't give back and are always looking for a jeitinho brasileiro to things. Not to be a hypocrite myself - I know this isn't the case with everyone but simply the majority I have encountered - so if you are complaining and are taking the above actions as well - I commend you and encourage you to encourage others who complain about Brazil to do the same!

3. The phrase só no Brasil. Just today, I've seen about 5 posts between Facebook and Twitter on the prices of things getting higher in Brazil because of the upcoming Confederations + World Cup and the events are costing us too much. News flash: The same thing happened in the South Africa World Cup. The same thing happened in the London Olympics. And the violence comparison kills me! It's become a run of the mill thing to hear in the US media - "Hey you hear about the last school shooting?" And I see Facebook status' like this one: 

So how does this make the US some sort of utopia again? Yes - Brazil is facing a serious problem with violence. But don't só no Brasil me on this one.

How about being thankful your government doesn't spy on you? Or the fact you have an entire paid month to take off from work and play in New York instead of 2 weeks if that? Or would you prefer to take away your four months for 1 week maternity leave? I'd like to see if this smart guy would give all of the benefits and "vida boa" he has here in Brazil for a sweet car.

You know why, guy from the video and people who agree with him, things work in the US better than they do in Brazil? Because hypocrites like you are harder to find in the US than in Brazil - not because our politicians and media are crap - they're like that everywhere! Stop watching Globo News and watch Fox News to see what "good" mediajournalism and politics is (I'm being completely ironic here just in case you didn't get that).

By the way - I feel the same towards Brazilians who live in the US and then come to Brazil and hang out in Governador Valadares or wherever you're from the entire time they're here. I have no shame of being where I'm from and am a proud mineira, but to say one city or one incident is a reflection of an entire country the size of Brazilis just as ignorant as calling Orlando, America.

You know who lives in Brazil and who I don't see making negative uneducated statements about Brazil AMERICANS. But we can talk about the equally ignorant ones another day.

And for those who don't agree with me -  

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