Immigration Reform 2013 - The Facts!

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As those of us who have followed this blog throughout the years, you probably already know that I'm pretty pessimistic about immigration reform in the US. I've been studying and writing about it since 2002 (one year after the last reform), and I always hit a dead end because there are too many political misunderstandings, interpretations, and down right ignant people out there.

With this new proposition that President Obama has set to work on reform once and for all, there have been a few really good articles out there that give economic reasoning as to why we need reform, and a path to citizenship for millions of the immigrants in the US today - and also why immigration to the US should not and can not stop - for the sake of the economy. I talk a lot about economy because I've learned that, it's when you mess with people's pockets that you get them to listen, so this is why you, American reading this post, should listen and tell all your friends about it!

First, what Obama said:

Now if you don't read Economix, the NY Times blog, you should start. It has great, short, easy to read articles on anything Economic going on!

Two that I found particularly interesting were:

Immigration and Innovation - Talks about how a lot of the innovation and development of  new technologies involves international doctoral/masters/university students. About half of Silicon Valley startups alone, are founded by immigrants (and this number falls every year)


Are Immigrants Taking Your Job? - NO. They're NOT. Get OVER YOURSELF.

Foreign Policy is another favorite of mine in reading up on international politics, and they just published a great article called, "Don't Fear the Migrants" - which tells us how the US needs immigrants. Legal ones. For myriad reasons. The skilled and unskilled kind!

I thought this was interesting - one article said the Republican party could become extinct if they don't pitch in with this immigration reform now!

Oh, and stop calling it illegal immigration, would you?

"When you inaccurately call me 'illegal' – no human being is illegal – you're not only dehumanizing me. You're offending them." - Jose Antonio Vargas to the US Senate

Have you guys seen any good articles on reform lately? I'd love to see them and hear what you think! 

ps - I'll write up on Carnaval next week :-) 

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