Donald Byrd Tribute - Hump Day Music

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You guys probably don't know this, but I have kind of a thing for music.

Musicians as well. Trumpet players + Percussionists especially. I've dated both genres, and for the former, I don't know what it is, but something about a guy who can blow a horn while simultaneously magically work his fingers to make beautiful music... it just makes me smile. And makes him oh-so-sexy. The percussionists... Well, they're just sort of inherently fun!!

But back to the trumpet. I also have a thing for jazz. I have always loved working while listening to Miles Davis. Chet Baker. Dizzy Gillespie. and Donald Byrd.

For fellow trumpet jazz musicians, you've probably hear Donald Byrd passed a few weeks ago.

And whilst looking for some inspiration to work, I came across this tribute to him which got me going this morning I wanted to share with you!

Listen, Love, Work, Share. And always remember Donald was the man.

Also, if you are a trumpet player, or know of any you'd like to introduce me to, I always love making new friends whose musical ambition I admire :-) 

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