Carnaval 2013 Has Begun!

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Next week? Nope. Carnaval started yesterday for me! There were a bunch of bloquinhos in my neighborhood this weekend, so we decided to join in on the fun.

a. Because they were free.
b. Because there's awesome Carnaval marchinhas and music.
c. Because the guys who attend are SO cute.
d. Because it's the weekend before Carnaval and why the hell not?

If you want to read more about them, here's an article I wrote on Carnival 2013 in São Paulo.

As for my weekend? Here's the photographic evidence!

trying to find a place to stand! loving the costumes

packed!!! Bangalafumenga!

Sargento Pimenta records

some of the girls. you can't tell because my binti fell off, 
but i was dressed as an 'indian girl' as my costume

i love how in Brazil soda's the same price as beer

the end of the festivities on sunday

bloco Cordão Carnavalesco Confraria do Pasmado

taking over the streets of vila madalena!

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