Top 12 Happenings for 2012 in the Life of Poly

By 15:10

I can't stand anymore of these lists. Yeah, I know that's what you're thinking. But oh well, I think it's cute. Some of this you may have seen a few posts ago. Deal with it :-) 

Here's mine, and in keeping with my "links on Fridays" or what have you, I've added a link to each post related to the happening! 

12. Seeing one of my best friends get married (this is a not so "fave" because she moved to Australia right after!)

10. Not gaining or losing any weight. This is always great for any woman! This has helped with it. 
9. Reaching 500+ status on LinkedIn. Good times for my networking ego. 
8. Being here... (look in the water, bottom middle. I'm the one on the left!)

7. Going on a week long romantic trip with my mom to Jericoacoara 

6. Starting the year off with this guy (i.e., my twin!) 

5. Oktoberfest with the parents 

3. I saw my beautiful and generous Aunt Rosa get married for the first time at 43! Why generous? The wedding gifts she and her husband asked for were donations to an educational center for needy children. 

2. Launching my own website/business coming to life

1. Seeing my high school friend get married in Lebanon... because, really? When am I EVER going to do this again? <3 div="div" nbsp="nbsp">

There's my 2012 top 12, what's yours?! 

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