Sometimes Things Aren't Meant to Be

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Hey Kids!

So I didn't write the past few days because I was kind of in a slump... and then I decided to party that slump away.

Last Thursday I was supposed to attend the My Destination annual conference in Bangkok, Thailand. I'd even scheduled a post to be published once I was flying high over the Atlantic towards Thailand via Istanbul, Turkey.

But I didn't go.

I showed up with my backpack and passport in hand to the Turkish Airlines checkin on Thursday morning surrounded by Corinthianos heading to Japan for the world soccer championship; and of course, since I'm paranoid when it comes to travel plans, confident I had everything ready to board.

At checkin, the attendant asked if I had my vaccine card. "Não, porque?" 

Long story short - I needed a yellow fever vaccine to board and did not know about this. WHAT. AN. IDIOT.

In my defense:

1. The Thai embassy in Brazil does not have anything on this requirement to enter Thailand - only a page on Tourism in Thailand and how beautiful it is.
2. The requirement is for people transiting from Brazil. And of course, all my research was done on sites in English, and tips on what to do there were from European friends.
3. Yellow fever in São Paulo? Since when? Do you know anyone who's had yellow fever here? Yeah, me neither. Frickin' WHO.

I ended up figuring out the yellow fever shot issue and how to get around it with a tip from the Thai consulate + ANVISA, but in the end... There were no seats on the next flight out, which was Saturday, because of the Corinthians game in Tokyo and their connection was also in Istanbul - because of course I bought a ticket with ONE route to Asia. Fantastic.

If I'd wanted to, I could have gone today, but then I would get their halfway through the conference, and have to pay an extra 500 euro.

So I decided to stay in São Paulo. And be a "Pollyanna," about it all. I believe that when things go this horribly wrong, then it's God's way of telling me it just wasn't supposed to happen. Don't you think?

And so I proceeded to not stop the entire weekend (okay, I may have worked a little Saturday + Sunday, I confess). I went to a friend's play, 2 samba school rehearsals (TWO!), hosted a last minute birthday party for my roommate at a bar Saturday afternoon/evening, celebrated another friend's birthday dancing the night away at a gay club Saturday night, and went for a run in the park Sunday. My body hates me right now. But it'll love me come bikini season (i.e., now?).

Long story short. Not in Thailand for those who knew about my trip. And will do my best to make the best out of the next two weeks and work and play twice as much as normal! 

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